What are the goals of Happy Teacher?

To empower teachers with more information in their job hunts, and to provide real incentive for school leaders to place a higher priority on your wellbeing and job satisfaction. Our vision is of a national database of schools, where teachers can tell at a glance how one school compares to others – not just on exam results and Ofsted inspections, but on what it’s actually like to be a teacher there.

Who is behind Happy Teacher?

Currently this is a website laboured on in the spare time of two people: John Wyles (web developer and founder of FourStacks) and Joe Gordon (a full-time maths teacher). It is independent from any organisation.

What started Happy Teacher?

Joe's conversations with teacher friends who had really bad experiences compelled him to write this article for the TES (writing under the pseudonym 'Zeph Auerbach' . John thought this sounded like a great project and asked Joe if he wanted to make it a reality. The rest is what you see!

Is my review confidential / anonymous?

Yes. We are very serious about confidentiality. Although you use your school email address and a personal email address to verify your review, these are not associated with your review.

Your full review is never visible. The agreement scores that you give for a question contribute to the average score, which anyone can see. Your comment is anonymous, unless you waive this anonymity by what you say (for example, naming individuals or referring to specific details that could only come from you).

What happens if the Senior Leadership Team at my school check my email account?

We only send one email to your school email address. This email simply contains a link that you use to prove you are the 'owner' of that email address and it contains no personal information or data on your review.

Any other emails we need to send you will be sent to the personal email address that you supply.

How do you know these reviews are genuine?

Reviews are only put up on this site once they are verified by email, using a database of email addresses used by schools. If you believe any comments for a school are not genuine (or contravene our terms and conditions), please click the 'report' button.

How long does it take to complete a review?

It takes most teachers around 5 minutes to complete a review.

What do you do with the data I submit in a review?

Your review is made up of three different parts - a series of questions relating to working life at your school, a freeform comment and a short series of questions about your background.

We use the data from the questions to present a series of anonymised 'key area' scores for your school. We also make it possible to drill down into the data to see how many respondents gave a particular score for a particular question.

At no point is your review data displayed in isolation and we never attach any identifying information alongside question data.

Comments are a required part of the review process and will display on your school's profile page. The only additional information we list with a comment is the date it was published. Therefore as long as you do not write a comment that allows others to identify you, your comment remains anonymous.

Finally, we also collect a small amount of data about your background as a teacher. We do not display this anywhere on your school profile page. Instead we plan to use this data in an anonymous fashion to present statistics on a local, regional and national level once we have enough reviews. You are of course free to opt out of answering these questions if you wish.

My views of what it’s like to work at the school have changed. Can I submit another review?

Of course! You can replace your review with a new one at any time. Just log into your Happy Teacher account and click 'replace my review'.

What if I want to delete my review?

If you'd like to remove you review you can do this very easily via your Happy Teacher account. Just log in, click 'delete my review' and follow the instructions on the next screen.

What if I want to delete my Happy Teacher account?

If you'd like to delete your account you simply log into your Happy Teacher account, click 'account settings' and follow the instructions on the next screen. Please note, deleting your account will also delete your review and you will need to email us at support@happyteacher.org within 7 days if you wish to restore your account.

I have submitted a review – why can't I see it for my school?

We wait until at least 5 teachers have written reviews before publishing results, so that the averages are representative and meaningful. Please encourage other teachers at your school to complete reviews!

My school isn’t here – what do I do?

Please email us at hello@happyteacher.org with details of your school and we will look into it.

I haven't received emails to verify my email addresses – what do I do?

Please email us at support@happyteacher.org and we'll help you out.

I'm a Head Teacher and I want to make a public response on this site

We are working on a feature to allow verified response comments from the leadership at schools.

I think HappyTeacher is a great idea – how can I help out?

Simple – tell as many teachers as you can about it! You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter and we also run a blog about Teacher wellbeing and we'd love it if you shared with others!

I am a student – should I review my school?

We have tailored our questions to the specific demands and interests of teachers. We do not have review questions for students. This site is currently only for teachers.

I am a teaching assistant or member of the non-teaching staff. Should I complete a review?

We have tailored our questions to the specific demands of teachers (including middle leaders and senior leaders). At this point, we do not have review questions for teaching assistants or members of the non-teaching staff of a school. If you are interested in seeing this feature in the future, please email us at hello@happyteacher.org