Demonstration Primary School

123 Demonstration Road, South West , H4P PY

Overall rating

3.6 out of 5

20 reviews

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Leadership & Management

Questions for Atmosphere

All things considered, this is a happy place to work.

There is a positive atmosphere amongst colleagues.

I feel suitably involved in decisions that affect my job.

Staff morale at this school is high.

Questions for Workload

This school makes a good work/life balance possible.

The deadlines and time pressures imposed here are fair.

The marking we are expected to complete is manageable.

My total working hours, including non-directed time spent marking and planning, are acceptable.

Questions for Behaviour

This school has good systems in place to help manage the behaviour of the students.

The behaviour of students is good.

The relationships between students and staff are generally positive.

If teachers need support in dealing with challenging behaviour, it is easy for them to find it.

Questions for Leadership & Management

Senior leadership at this school is effective.

The day to day running of the school is smooth and efficient.

Our work is valued and acknowledged by the leaders at this school.

Leaders at this school are supportive.

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